If the buyer complies with certain requirements, they may cancel their package under our cancellation policy. To make sure they are aware of the cancellation policies, we advise the consumer to read our cancellation policies.

Although we will never ask you to cancel orders from us as we do have a quite good company reputation in bringing customer satisfaction but the same may not hold for you.

How to cancel order on our portal?

The cancellation policy on our portal is simple and you can easily cancel your package online. If you cannot then you can also call on our helpline number and cancel the order. Remember that in both cases you will have to give a cancellation reason.

Once you cancel the order and provided that it meets all the terms and conditions of our cancellation policy you will receive a cancellation invoice from us.

How do we refund our cancellation orders and requests?

First, we check to see if any cancellation orders comply with our cancellation policy standards after receiving them. Following an evaluation of the order quantity, we make a name to our delivery and logistics team to hold the delivery.

So a long way as the refunding system is involved, we no longer problem any cash or draught reimbursements. We most effectively credit your account right now online. In order for us to make the price, the customers must e-mail us their financial institution account info and all other necessary data.

If the financial institution account details are faulty or invalid, we’re in no manner accountable.

Additionally, you must watch for no less than 7 working days after filing the web cancellation.

Damaged or Lost Products

In instances wherein products are damaged or misplaced for the duration of transit, we ensure patron delight via offering either a product alternative or a whole refund. 

For partial order deliveries, customers are charged only for received products, and the last order amount is right now refunded.

Refund Processing Time

Refunds may additionally absorb 30 enterprise days to be processed. For any unresolved queries or court cases, our customer service executives are to be had to help you.

Query Duration

Please observe that queries raised after forty five days from the date of order placement will now not be entertained.

For help or in addition rationalization on our cancellation and refund regulations, experience unfastened to touch our customer service group.

What is not refunded back?

On no occasions can we refund you the taxes and the customs duty or every other price which might be levied by using the authorities as part of taxation regulations on your use of a or nation. Please notice that you can’t additionally hold us responsible for this.

In which cases does the cancellation policy paintings?

So, as soon as you’ve got through the above information that’s important allows look at the conditions or scenarios in which you may cancel your orders and what are the situations for assembling our guidelines.

Policy on refunds

In any case, if the customer receives a dispatched order and discovers that the seal has been damaged or tampered with, they have to notify the company within 7 days of receiving the bundle.

After validating the whole lot, we can set up a reshipment and pickup of the broken objects in case you record a reimbursement request order inside 7 days.

After 7 days of receiving the order, no requests for refunds are regular.

Cancellation due to the fact the product is bought out

At this point, we can at once cancel your order. If the medications you have bought aren’t currently in stock, that is one of the few instances when we can cancel your order.

If it’s far possible for us to achieve this and the medicine is simplest partly in stock, we will do our fine to fulfill any partial orders positioned thru our portal.